Background[edit | edit source]

Judith Anderson, long-time friend of Grandma's and founder of Anderson's Confectionery, began training her sons in the art of candy-making at a very young age. Cain and Caleb were quick prodigies, especially Caleb; having both the master of candy-making herself and her eldest son looking down at him, Caleb rose up the ranks within their family business. Judith's deteriorating health lent itself to financial pressure on the boys--though the shop was doing extraordinarily well, Cain began to look elsewhere to soothe the pressure that was facing him as eldest son.

It wasn't long before his eyes turned to Grandma, equally renowned as a candy maker, and without Judith around to say no... he hatched a plot to steal her secret recipe.

The recipe was not without its issues, however; first batches caused consumers to see circles, dazed and confused. Later batches caused what seemed to be a heavy sedation. It was Caleb who realized this recipe was not truly for candy, but something more sinister... and he was the first to suggest selling it to the highest buyer. Cain was quick to agree, but after the untimely passing of Judith, his motivations turned to anger and desperation. He committed the highest betrayal, and now has to live with both the deaths of Judith and his lovely brother.

Role[edit | edit source]

The Anderson family owns and runs Anderson's Confectionery, the setting of Sweet Revenge. Prior to Sweet Revenge, Cain somehow steals Grandma's secret recipe, beginning to experiment with it in the candy shoppe's back room. Noting its potential uses in medicine, he sells it to Dynaline Gas Solutions, which converts the recipe into a sedative gas; prolonged exposure, however, leads to unexpected results. This gas can be seen in action in the Dynaline Incident. The gas having leaked into the atmosphere, a zombie apocalypse begins... and years later, Dr. Clements is forced to abandon his research towards a cure, immediately prior to the events of the Locked in Dead.

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