No use crying over a dead horse...

Background[edit | edit source]

A young prodigy, Jean Clark quickly showed a talent for the medical fields. As an only child, these talents were fostered immediately by his cold and calculative parents, Bill and Terry Clark, despite his interests lying in toys and toy making. One of his favorite board games growing up was none other than Operation. However, the increasing pressure from his parents caused Clark to give up on his childhood dreams of becoming a toy maker and instead turned to study the condition of the human mind, questioning why his life must be the way it is.

Clark was awarded his doctorates in psychiatry on August 27, 2048 at the age of 22, having attended the University of Doctory Things. His thesis was written regarding the psychological effect toys have on children. He opened Dr. Clark's Psychiatric Offices shortly after graduating and struck a deal with Anderson's Pharmaceuticals, Caritine Liquid Formula, and most recently, Dynalines Gas Solutions.

Role[edit | edit source]

Jean Clark, attempting to step out of his comfort zone during his college years, met Dr. Clements at a private event being held near their universities. It was an awkward night, but fortunately the two managed to develop a professional relationship that would last well into their research years.

A few years after opening his psychiatric offices, Dr. Clark has begun to work with Dynalines Gas Solutions despite initial reluctance. This gas showed promise for his many patients in small quantities, but he has noticed that large quantities can turn subjects into something akin to a zombie. Shortly after a new canister was installed, it was sabotaged by a Caritine representative and sprung a leak. In the ensuing chaos, Patient 4715 escaped. It is unknown to what degree Ronald Cates played a part in selling and installing the Dynalines gas duct.

After the events of the Dynaline Incident and Runaway Train, Dr. Clark sent notes and schematics to Dr. Clements in order to aid in his research on the zombie condition. These schematics aided Dr. Clements during the zombie outbreak that takes place prior to and during The Locked in Dead. Dr. Clark's location and status during the apocalypse are currently unknown.

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