One plus one equals two... EXCEPT WHEN IT'S THREE!

Background[edit | edit source]

Edith Clements, born to Roger and Carrie Clements of a small town in Iowa, never had much of an interest in science or mathematics, but rather pursued his musical career extensively. The family moved to California halfway through his high school education and in turn he began a rebellious streak that lasted well into his 20s. Edith suddenly developed his love for science and nature after an eventful music festival in San Bernardino. He immediately applied to the University of Sciency Things, where he created his lifelong friend and partner, Sciency Things AI. His one folly was being confounded by basic mathematics.

Role[edit | edit source]

Around the time of the initial zombie outbreak caused by Patient 4715 and the Dynalines gas, Dr. Clements captured 5 zombies to use as subjects in his research for a cure. Through his research he discovered that the zombies had different colored fluids in their brains that upon extraction, the zombies showed temporary, human-like behavior.

Dr. Clark of Dr. Clark's psychiatric offices sent Dr. Clements notes and schematics on the Dynalines gas to aid in his research, which was the first step in Clements's declining mental state.

Before he could finish his research, however, zombies surrounded his laboratory and he was forced to flee, leaving behind Sciency Things AI and a tripwire should anyone find his work. It is unknown whether Clements is alive or dead.

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