To be fair, I told you not to come... -Dr. Clark

Setting[edit | edit source]

Dr. Clark's psychiatric offices has seen a wide number of different, mentally ill patients over the years, but none so hard to help than Patient 4715, |NAME REDACTED|. In order to help him and the others, Dr. Clark has begun to work with Dynalines Gas Solutions. This company has sent him a brand new gas formula that in small doses has helped Clark's patients significantly; however, any prolonged exposure can cause patients to enter a zombie-like state.

The players entering the room have to deal with a ruptured gas canister and an emergency shutdown mechanism keeping the canister hostage within the duct before 60 minutes pass, all while breathing in the solution. (Disclaimer: Solution obviously a fictional element and not a real life gas.)

Plot Relation[edit | edit source]

Dynalines Gas Solutions, unbeknownst to the player at the start of the game, has employed or is run by none other than Ronald Cates, using Grandma's secret recipe found in Sweet Revenge to create the formulas sold to Dr. Clark. Cates himself also installed the Dynalines Gas Duct in Dr. Clark's office, though it was a separate person who sabotaged the canister inside.

Patient 4715 is reported to have escaped from Dr. Clark's psychiatric offices directly prior to the events of The Dynaline Incident. He then goes on to become the Mad Man in Runaway Train.

Dr. Clark is also an associate of Dr. Clements from Locked in Dead. After the events of this game, Clark sends Clements schematics about the gas in order to help his studies.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

The Dynaline Incident has an abundance of hints towards the overarching plot and both of our other rooms.

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In the room is a poster displaying Anderson's Apothecary products, a nod towards Sweet Revenge's Anderson's Confectionery. It is implied that after or during the events of Sweet Revenge, the Anderson's company switched its focus towards pharmaceuticals.

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A work order form in Clark's cabinet reveals that Ronald Cates set up the duct as well as the gas dispenser for Clark under the guise of Dynalines Gas Solutions.

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