One plus one equals two... EXCEPT WHEN IT'S THREE! -Dr. Clements

Setting[edit | edit source]

By 2076, the zombie apocalypse is in full swing in California. Dr. Clements, a scientist and associate of Dr. Clark's, has been running tests on captured zombies to see how much of their humanity remains, and whether they can be cured for good. With mixed results and an incomplete final test, Dr. Clements was forced to flee his laboratory following a horde of zombies surrounding the building.

The player group has stumbled upon this laboratory after his disappearance, and with the help of Sciency Things, an Artificial Intelligence once close to Dr. Clements, they have to find an alternate escape from the horde trying to break down their door.

Plot Relation[edit | edit source]

The zombie apocalypse was, in part, caused by the Dynalines gas from The Dynaline Incident. Patient 4715 was slowly turned into a zombie from the effects of this gas and subsequently became known as the Mad Man, who is a main character of Runaway Train.

Dr. Clark sent the schematics from the Dynalines gas and his studies with it to Dr. Clements in an attempt to help find a cure.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

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Due to the late nature of this room on the timeline, Locked in Dead is more closely related to Dynaline Incident than Sweet Revenge. The primary evidence within the room lies in figures sent by Dr. Clark, a photograph of Clark and Clements together, and lastly, a shipping label from Quandary Railroad, the site of Runaway Train.

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