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Quandary Escape Rooms is an interactive game experience located in Roseville, California. We pride ourselves on being focused on a fun, tangible experience for all who come to see us. We currently have three rooms open and available for booking, and all three follow an overarching plotline that is ready to be discovered through both this Wiki and by playing our games. If you have found our Wiki but not our main site and are interested in finding out more about us and our services, you can find that here. You can also find our Facebook, with lots of pictures and livestreams, here.

The current rooms available to play are listed in photo links below, though there is much more to be found in this Wiki, including past games and important characters. If you're concerned that you'll need to know any of this to play a game, no worries! Everything you will need to know when doing a game will be found directly in the escape room itself. This Wiki is for the fun of enthusiasts and newbies alike, but we will never quiz you on anything you learn here. If you are looking for hints for the games themselves, you won't find them here!

**A quick, respectful request from anyone visiting the page is that we please ask you to refrain from discussing puzzles, answers, or hints in any comment section or forum involved with this Wiki. Discussion on plotline, characters, or fan theories are more than welcome, but try not to ruin the surprise for anyone!

Current Rooms[]

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