we are looking for an elite group for a job. those who prove themselves and are quick about it may  be offered an opportunity. -Ronald Cates

Setting[edit | edit source]

While not an escape room and rather an online scavenger hunt in an alternate reality game format, Ronald's Quest introduces a main player in the world of Quandary, Mr. Ronald Cates. Cates owns and works for Obsidian Objectives International (OOI) and has contacted prospective business partners and future employees to undergo a series of trails which, if successful, would place them into a shortlist for Cates's next endeavor: robbing Anderson's Confectionery and Candy Shoppe for its prized secret recipe. This secret recipe's effects and desirability are mostly unknown to players, but Cates is very clear that his client, known only as Grandma, is desperate to have this recipe returned to her rightful hands.

Plot Relation[edit | edit source]

Ronald's Quest is the first story in the evolving plotline at Quandary, and takes place immediately preceding Sweet Revenge. The associates Cates chooses from Ronald's Quest become the players and thieves in Sweet Revenge, who then attempt to steal the secret recipe from the candy shop.

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