Sixty minutes... That's not going to be enough time!

Background[edit | edit source]

Ronald J. Cates is a man utterly shrouded in mystery. The only things documented about his life and doings are the following:

  • J stands for Joseph.
  • He founded Obsidian Objectives International (OOI).
  • He is a notorious hacker and thief.
  • He, at some point, either worked for or owned Dynalines Gas Solutions, and personally installed a duct in Dr. Clark's office.

Role[edit | edit source]

Cates hired the players for Sweet Revenge through Ronald's Quest online. He then guides players through Anderson's Candy Shop in order to steal Grandma's secret recipe and escape before the authorities arrive.

After the events of Sweet Revenge, Cates personally set up the Dynalines gas duct within Dr. Clark's office, which leads to Dynaline Incident.

Runaway Train follows the aftermath of Dynaline Incident, where Cates helps Patient 4715 attempt to blow up the train and all in it.

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