Welcome to the Candy Shop.

Setting[edit | edit source]

The mysterious figure known as Grandma is closer than ever to having her secret recipe returned to her, having enlisted Ronald Cates and his new associates to the cause. Upon arrival to Anderson's Candy Shoppe, you as a player are informed that Cates himself will not be joining his associates on the mission, but instead will be working behind the scenes with OOI to keep the authorities off your tail for approximately 60 minutes. He also supposedly secured a route through the shop with an alternate escape door, though was unable to find and steal the secret recipe himself. He has, however, also left behind some tools that he believes could be helpful for his associates in their adventure.

Plot Relation[edit | edit source]

Taking place immediately after Ronald's Quest, Sweet Revenge is a direct follow-up to Cates's search for new associates in his venture to work for Grandma.

Assuming a success in securing the secret recipe, Cates finds himself under new employment with Dynalines Gas Solutions. Whether this was innocent or for dubious means is up to debate. After the Dynalines gas is produced using Grandma's recipe, Cates himself helps set up a duct in Dr. Clark's psychiatric office, leading to Dynaline Incident.

Infiltration Modification[edit | edit source]

The Infiltration mod for Sweet Revenge is an optional addition to the base escape room in which players are split into teams with separate goals. Players can be one of three roles, chosen at random by a Game Master: Agent, Double Agent, or Rogue. Players can score points by completing additional tasks inside the room and by escaping with the secret recipe in their hand.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

In many spots in Sweet Revenge, Ronald Cates left his mark. The most immediate and noticeable locations are the OUT OF ORDER sign and the toolbox he left on the scene, both of which are signed by his name.

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In the beginning room, there is a phone booth that has an OUT OF ORDER sign on it. Ronald has graffiti'd his name on the lower right hand corner of the sign.

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In the intro speech, Cates confesses that he has visited the location already and left some tools behind to help you in your challenge. That being said, there is a locked toolbox that was placed by Cates, with his name painted in yellow.

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