While you were busy solving PUZZLES, I was planting dynamite on the 4 o'clock train! -Patient 4715

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Setting[edit | edit source]

Designed as an experimental portable escape room, The Trunk is an addition to the story line in between Dynaline Incident and the now-retired Runaway Train. Made to look like the escaped Patient 4715's luggage, The Trunk offers multiple layers of puzzles to distract the players from stopping 4715's initial plot.

Plot Relation[edit | edit source]

Patient 4715 is an escapee from Dr. Clark's psychiatric offices, which is alluded to within the Dynaline Incident by Dr. Clark himself. Also known as the Mad Man, 4715 uses his luggage to distract players while he makes his way to the Roseville train station, intending to blow up the train that is shipping Dynaline gas and schematics to Dr. Clements. Most preexisting Quandary characters make an appearance in The Trunk as a puzzle element.

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